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No prizes for guessing what SwimsuitsforAll sells: they sell swimsuits in all the styles you can imagine, and they really do sell them for everybody. And they really do mean everybody you can find swimsuits for larger sizes, long torsos, women who have undergone mastectomies and swimsuits for serious competitive swimmers, surfers and divers. As well as carrying a vast range of one- and two-piece swimsuits, Swimsuits for All also stocks cover-ups and wraps for when you're out of the water.

Shore Club Chino Plus Size Twist Front Tankini, From: swimsuitsforall

It's really heartening to see the range of swimsuits that Swimsuits for All has available for plus sizes. Plus sizes start at 18W and go up to 24 W, and all the swimsuits on offer look great. You can find plus-sized tankinis, bikinis and one-pieces, and you can choose styles that are designed to camouflage or enhance your assets, depending on what you want. Styles come in underwired and non-underwireds. A real plus of Swimsuits for All's plus sized range of swimsuits is the range of athletic wear there's plenty of them, and many are a far cry from the basic black cover-it-alls of yesteryear. And Swimsuits for All also stocks junior plus sizes for those who pack a lot of woman into a small space your search for great swimwear is over!

But Swimsuits for All doesn't just provide queen-sized figures with great swimming costumes. Swimsuits for All has bikinis, tankinis and one-piece outfits for sizes from size 8 upwards. As the range of swimwear is so large, the site helpfully lets you narrow down your selection by style and function e.g. chlorine resistant, athletic as well as by body shape and brand and the site even helps you find a swimsuit to fit your particular styling needs (e.g. enhance the bust, minimize the bust, minimize the rear, etc.). It's also pleasing to note the post-mastectomy range you can't tell them apart from "regular" swimwear and you can buy insets to go in them, too.

Swimsuits for All is especially good because it ships internationally as well as stocking a huge range of swimwear women in the US, Canada, the UK, Europe and Australia can now find a swimsuit that actually fits. Alongside great swimsuits and great prices, Swimsuits for All also has a number of very helpful articles to help you choose the right costume. And I love the way that Swimsuits for All uses real women as models and shoppers can sign up to apply to be one of those models!

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