Cruise Swimwear Ideas

By Kevin Elliott

You lucky thing, you, going off on a cruise for your next vacation! A luxury cruise is one place where you want to relax and look your best at the same time, so choosing a fantastic swimsuit is an absolute must before you set off. Even once the cruise is over, you’ll be able to look at that swimsuit, and think about the first time you wore it and enjoy the memories.

If you have booked your cruise for fall or spring, you may wonder if you really need to take a swimsuit with the cooler weather. Think again. Most luxury cruise ships come equipped with swimming pools and spas, so you’ll need a swimsuit so you can enjoy these features. And you’ll still have a sun-deck and plenty of sunshine to enjoy!

What sort of swimsuit will you need for your spring/fall cruise? While this decision is really up to your needs, your tastes and your body shape, we suggest that cruise swimwear for cooler temperatures should offer a bit more coverage just in case the weather changes quickly, as it can during the transitional times of year around the equinoxes and especially at sea. Tankinis make a great choice in this regard, or maybe you prefer a one-piece outfit… with a plunging neckline to show off your cleavage, perhaps? Fall and especially spring are good times of year to think about your tan maybe tan-through swimsuits will be your ideal cruise swimwear, as they allow you to get an even all-over tan with no awkward “tide marks” or fiddling around with messy self-tanning lotions or spray tans.

If you’re planning a summer cruise (or if you’re heading for the tropics), then maybe you should consider cruise swimwear that’s a bit more revealing and sexy. This is especially the case if the cruise is a honeymoon trip or some other romantic voyage with your true love wow him completely with one of the sexy cruise swimwear designs we have available such as a Brazilian bikini or a sheer gauze outfit! Even if you’re just taking the cruise for your own pleasure on your own or with your girl friends, you might still want to take cruise swimwear that shows off all your assets maybe a sexy one piece that offers a bit of secret paneling to control a wobble or two, or perhaps a sizzling underwired bikini outfit.

What color should your cruise swimwear be? Traditionally, people wear darker colors during the cooler months like spring and fall, and wear brighter shades and prints during summer or if your cruise ship is heading through tropical waters. However, this rule isn’t carved in stone, and if you feel that black is one of your most flattering colors, then you can find cruise swimwear in black in nearly every style (tankini, bikini, one-piece, swim dress). And if you love color, then you can also choose cruise swimwear with some appropriately tropical patterns and prints that will help you get in the mood.

No matter what sort of cruise you have booked, cruise swimwear is often best teamed with a wrap or cover up so you can move from the pool area to the bar or to your cabin without feeling over-exposed. For spring and fall cruises, choose a more substantial wrap or hoodie, possibly made from terry cloth or jersey for extra warmth when the sun goes down. Those going on a summer cruise can look at the sarong styles of wrap or else the lighter tunics don’t ruin your cruise by getting sunburned (hint: a wide-brimmed hat and good sunshades look stunning with any type of cruise swimwear and also protect you a bit more against the burning UV rays.

If your cruise ship will be visiting parts of the world where women are expected to dress more conservatively (e.g. the Middle East), then we suggest a cover-up in one of the full-length dress styles to throw on over the top of your cruise swimwear. Some of these dress-type cover ups also make good choices to wear when going ashore.

Swimwear for Canadians hopes you have a fantastic cruise and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime wearing the perfect swimsuit. Have fun browsing our online catalogue to find what’s best for you.

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