Micro, String & Thong Bikinis for Canadians

Summer is about sunshine and warm weather, so if you’re comfortable revealing plenty of skin, then why not make the most of the sunshine when you’re at the beach or the pool with a tiny little micro, string or thong bikini? It’s a fact that sunshine on the skin is the best way of getting Vitamin D, which is needed for building strong bones and enhancing the immune system while you just sit back and relax, so dare to bare! Of course, you’ll need to be sun-smart, but with the daring range of micro, string and thong bikinis we have available at Swimwear for Canadians, you’re going to need a lot of sun-screen to protect what you’re showing!

The micro, string and thong bikinis you’ll find in our online store range from the ultra-daring to the only slightly daring. With a range of styles and colors available, every tiny string bikini is sizzling hot! These bikinis aren’t about being sensible or about covering it all up they’re about being alluring, daring and sexy. If they were much smaller, they’d almost be illegal! Think strings. Think triangles top and bottom. Think deep, deep necklines. Think centre-of-attention sultry! These micro, string and thong bikinis aren’t for the faint-hearted so wear them if you dare!

Little micro bikinis, string bikinis and thong bikinis are the perfect choice for women with smaller cup sizes in the bust are. Not every woman can get away with wearing a string bikini while doing anything vigorous, but this is one advantage that smaller sizes have over their more generously endowed sisters. However, larger women with the confidence to match can enjoy the sizzling effect of barely-there micro, string and thong bikinis and show off everything they’ve got!

If you like the look of micro, string and thong bikinis but aren’t so keen about thin string backs between your buttocks, either for modesty or comfort reasons, you can find outfits that have a bit more coverage at the rear as well as bikinis that have as little rear coverage as possible.

A number of colors are available for the most popular styles of micro, string and thong bikinis, meaning that every woman can find a color that suits her skin and her mood, from sultry black to shocking pink. The most daring of these colors would have to be the white numbers especially the ones made from gauzy fabrics as these get sheer when wet.

What if your top is one size but your bottom half is another size? This is an issue that many women have to face, but don’t worry. Many of the designs available in our catalogue allow you to order one size for the top and another for the bottom, so you can find something that fits perfectly.

Even if you think you’d never dare to wear skimpy micro, string or thong bikinis in public, you might want to have one handy for wearing at home or in private with a special person, so browse through our catalogue to find something nice and sexy. The man in your life is guaranteed to love the way these micro, string and thong bikinis look, so you might want to make his day (and yours!) with one of these sexy numbers. But don’t say we didn’t warn you…

All of the Bikini swimwear we list on our website are available to be shipped to Canada.

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