Slimming Swimwear

By Kevin Elliott

The number one concern that women who are on the heavier side have while looking for a swimwear option is whether it would look unflattering on them. They conveniently shy away from wearing bikinis and seldom have the confidence to carry off a midriff baring swimwear.

However, with a welcomed change in society’s perception of beauty and the bar tipping in favor of curvaceous girls rather than their skinny counterparts, you need not worry about whether or not it is fine to wear certain dresses or behave in a certain way. You can easily go ahead and don on a swimwear without having to worry that you do not look think as a stick.

Of course it always helps if you could find one that would flatter your figure and provide just the right amount of support and toning-effect at all the problematic areas. And unless you really are all skin and bones, chances are even thin girls have problematic areas such as the infamous tummy, thighs, and hips.

More than your size it really is the shape of your body that decides your overall look, this is precisely the reason why women who have the much-coveted hourglass shape still don’t look ‘fat’ even after putting weight. So first off you need to determine your body shape and figure out the problematic areas.

Heavy upper body is generally characterized by heavier busts and lack of a defined midriff along with skinny arms and legs. For this body shape the right kind of slimming swimwear would be a well-fitting swimdress with a plunging or halter neckline but which must have a tummy trimmer or empire waist cut. This would put emphasis on the bust but would make the waist appear smaller, and hence create an hourglass shape.

For those who have a proportionate upper body but heavy lower body, the idea is to take the focus away from your wide hips and thighs and draw it to the well-defined upper body. A swimdress or top with frills and lace detailing around the bust area paired with hip-minimizing shortini or a swimdress with fitting bodice and slightly flared ends would work well.

One common problematic area for most body shape is the tummy, and the fact that women end up putting on weight first on the tummy region does not help the cause at all. To minimize and visually tone your tummy high-waisted briefs work well, or if you want to go with a one piece option then always opt for empire waist or tie dye since it creates an A-lined look.

Some swimwear options come tummy control that smoothes and flattens the tummy. Tank swimsuits is a good option to pick.

As a basic slimming swimwear you must have a black swimdress or one piece in your wardrobe. The color has slimming effects, check out Some of our partners Aquabelle Swimsuits. So why not browse through swimsuitsforall website to see their full selection of Designer Swimwear to Minimize your Bust swimwear. And remember all swimsuits and merchants shown on their site ships to Canada.

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