Maternity Swimsuits for Canadians

Your obstetrician, gynaecologist or midwife has probably told you that it is important to keep up your exercise during pregnancy, as this gives you more strength and stamina for when you deliver the baby, and it helps you stay in good condition. However, some common exercise options are harder for pregnant women to do. Swimming, though, is one form of exercise that is perfect for women at all stages of pregnancy and it is very comfortable. You’ve got the water carrying some of the extra weight of the baby, making it easier on your back, and its low-impact and low-risk, too. Aquarobics and aquajogging are more good ways to exercise during pregnancy.

However, whether you’re taking up swimming during your pregnancy or whether you just want to head down to the beach this summer when you’re expecting, you’re going to need to browse through a range of maternity swimsuits so you can get something that fits. While you might be able to get away with your regular swimsuit in the early stages of pregnancy, it won’t be long until you need something that fits your baby bump as well as the bigger breasts and extra padding on the hips that Mother Nature decides you need at this stage. Which means that it’s well and truly time for maternity swimsuits!

The first thing you need to look for when you choose from our range of maternity swimsuits is plenty of room for growth. Your specialist will probably have told you how much and how quickly your baby will be growing and you don’t want to buy a new swimsuit every couple of months. But you still want to find maternity swimsuits that are flattering, fun and fashionable. In this respect, it’s great that tankinis have been invented and are in fashion, as tankinis make great maternity swimsuits that fit the bill and fit your body.

A common mistake made by many women when they first choose a swimsuit when they’re pregnant is to choose maternity swimsuits that have too small a cup size. Your breasts are going to get bigger during pregnancy, in fact, breast size changes are some of the first signs of pregnancy that happen in the first few weeks and can even be noticed before you miss your menstrual period for the first time. So don’t choose maternity swimsuits that have your regular non-pregnant cup size. Look for maternity swimsuits that have at about a cup size larger than your regular bra size or cup size. You should also choose maternity swimsuits that have soft cups rather than underwiring, as underwires can dig into your baby bump when you bend over or even when you sit down, and your breasts are probably more sensitive during this time.

At Swimwear for Canadians, we’re glad that we can bring you a range of maternity swimsuits that flatter and come with the latest prints and styles, allowing you to enjoy the beach and the pool during this stage of your life. Have fun picking out an outfit from our online store and congratulations!

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