Bathing Suits for Plus Size Women

By Kevin Elliott

It is the dream of a lot of women to look presentable and beautiful in whatever they wear, be it an evening gown or a bathing suit, regardless of their size. However, there are a majority of the plus size women who avoid being part of any pool activities or going to the summer beaches because the bathing suit collection available in their nearest departmental stores often comprises of drab-colored and ill-fitting beachwear.

However, a series of plus size bathing suits are now available that makes the wearer look more elegant and glamorous. These bathing suits fit the plus size women perfectly without making them look flabby and are available in all sizes and shapes.

Types of plus Size Bathing Suits

There are 5 types of plus size bathing suits; skirted swimwear, tankinis, blouson tops, shortinis and one-piece bathing suits. A tankini bathing suit has an alternative tank top to the typical bikini top. On the other hand, the skirted swimwear is a plus size bathing suit that comes in one-piece and has a fabric piece attached to it that looks similar to short skirts. However, unlike tankinis, shortinis pair a tank-topped bathing suit with shorts.

Lastly, the blouson plus size bathing suits comprise of flowing tops that are attached on the top of the bathing suits that are one-piece. Polyester blends, nylon and Lycra are the fabrics that are usually used to make all these types of swimwear.


A few tricks can help a woman to select plus size bathing suit that best fits her and enhances her prominent features. To hide the belly bulges, women should prefer bathing suits that have fabric draped around the tummy. Similarly, to make your waist look smaller, you should select a bathing suit that features criss-crossed elements of design. To reduce the impact of an outsized frame, v-necks should be used and even the halter tops can drag the attention upwards.


It is recommended that you should shop for the plus size bathing suits at the beginning of any season. However, you can shop all year round as well since there is a continuous flow of new designs in the market. You should also remember not to try a particular swimwear after you’ve eaten your meal, if you want to buy yourself one that is accurate and is according to your size and shape. The most important factor that should be considered while purchasing a plus size swimwear or bathing suit is its color. To get a slimming affect, opt for swimwear that are dark in color, for example, dark brown, blue, black, etc.

Prevention or Solution

An ideal plus size bathing suit should be capable of hiding the problem areas of the wearer and also it should flatter the person wearing it. Also make sure to select suits that have support panels for the bust, stomach and towards the rear end. Moreover, a typical bathing suit should be able to retain its original shape during walking, swimming or lounging alongside the pool. Lastly, avoid purchasing swimsuits that are made of light fabrics.

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