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How frustrating is it to fall in love with a swimsuit only to realize it does not provide proper bust coverage. Girls with bigger cups are always in a fix whether to buy swimwear based on what they like versus what will fit well.

But those days are gone! Most high-end swimwear designers have acknowledged this issue and have come up with a line of swimwear options aimed particularly at women looking for swimwear with big cups. So, if you are looking to stock up on sexy swimwear that fits well and ensures great coverage, you should definitely check out the latest collection.

The idea here is to not just make a particular style available with bigger cups, but to bring to our customers an entire range of swimwear with bigger cups. No woman wants to go through the entire summer with just one pair of bikini or swimsuit, and if you are the party queen who loves a day out at the beach and wouldn’t mind another pool party in the evening, you definitely need to have a good variety of swimwear.

No matter the style or type of swimwear you choose, now you can be assured of the right coverage and fit around the bust area with our exclusive line of big cups swimwear. Want a bikini to flaunt your curves or a swimsuit with a sarong to laze after a fun-filled day? We have you covered, quite literally!

An important aspect of getting a swimwear with bigger cups right, is to get ample support. From underwired cups to back clasps and cinched in front offers ample support and gives a firmer shape. Some of the swimwear comes with slight pads to improve the look, while you also have the full padded cups option. So if you are an active woman on the search of a swimsuit that will offer great flexibility and allow you to be comfortable and agile while on your weekly water yoga classes or pool volleyball, always make sure that you choose the right swimwear with good support features.

These swimwear options work the dual purpose of enhancing your curves and providing the right amount of support to give you an overall balanced shape. Women with bigger cups tend to look heavier on the top, and usually shy away from experimenting with swimwear. Not to mention the lack of form-fitting swimwear options with big cups has deterred then further. But apart from the bigger cups option, the clever tailoring and quality fabric ups the comfort factor by several notches.

Besides the right coverage and support, there is one major requirement that women have while shopping for swimwear. And that is the style and prints. To be honest, the support and big cups leans more towards the comfort factor but what about the appeal? The entire look and style?

Our designer picks won’t let you down in that category as well. An assortment of the latest collection based on the trending styles and prints are on display. Want to experiment with animal prints or want to go funky with stripes, you will definitely find a comfortable swimwear option that you wouldn’t be able to resist buying. Whether you are looking for swimsuits or tankinis with big cups, there is something for every woman out there. Swimdresses in pastel and floral prints give a more feminine look and is perfect for those looking for more coverage along with big cups. Tankinis work perfectly for the apple body shaped while bikinis complements the hourglass body.

Women with heavier busts also have to face health issues and this is why doctors strongly recommend wearing the correct lingerie and swimwear. Earlier, because of a lack of options, women would squeeze into a too-tight swimwear that not only led to spilling on the sides but would also cut the air flow to the breasts. This is extremely dangerous, and could lead to breast cancer over time. Your aim should be to get bra cups that are the right size. And this is applicable in the case of bikinis and swimsuits as well. If your swimwear is too tight around the bust or you can feel the bands or straps pressing against your body, you should immediately take it off.

All of the swimwear we list on our website are available to be shipped to Canada.

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