Swimsuit Cover Ups for Canadians

You may have already have found the perfect swimsuit for this summer at the beach or beside the pool. But sometimes, a woman wants a bit more than that. Sometimes, you need to cover up. Perhaps you’ve got a very skimpy bikini that you want to wear on the beach itself but you’ve got to walk from the car park to the beach itself. Or maybe you plan to go to a beach or lake that doesn’t have a changing area handy. Perhaps you don’t really want to reveal your body and would rather keep it covered up until you actually slip into the water. Or perhaps you have very light skin that needs a bit of extra protection from the sun if you’re spending the whole day on, in or near the water. These are all situations where swimsuit cover ups are needed.

Swimsuit cover ups come in a number of different types. The most common sort of cover-up comes in the form of a dress or skirt that is simply slipped on over the top of your regular swimsuit, or just worn by itself if you like to go to the beach but aren’t planning on going right into the water. Many of them look like regular summer dresses and can actually be worn as summer dresses on other occasions, and all of them are lightweight, allowing your swimsuit to dry off underneath quickly and easily.

Close cousins of the dress and skirt swimsuit cover ups are the shirts. These just pop on over the top of your swimsuit, but still leave your legs free for action. While you couldn’t quite wear one of these swimsuit cover ups down to the shops like you can with the dress styles, they are often just what you need if you want to protect your skin from the sunlight or walk from the carpark to the beach before stripping off.

Board shorts would have to be classed as swimsuit cover ups, and many swimsuit manufacturers and clothing designers make them. However, it can be a bit hard to find board shorts in larger sizes. This is why, at Swimwear for Canadians, we list plus-sized board shorts in our range of swimsuit cover ups. Board shorts provide the maximum in buttock coverage, allowing you to cover up this area quickly and easily. These board short swimsuit cover ups can be worn over your swimsuit on their own, or you can team them with one of the tops when you want to cover up completely. Or you can even follow one of the latest trends to hit the beach by just wearing the board shorts with a bikini or tankini top, or a “rash suit” that covers everything up. And you can also wear these board shorts in other ways as well as using them as swimsuit cover ups because they are made from quick-dry material, they are great for exercise wear.

At Swimwear for Canadians, we believe that all women of all sizes and shapes deserve to look fantastic in and around the water, whether they’re willowy or voluptuous. This is why our catalogue has swimsuit cover ups in all sizes, both smaller and plus sizes, making shopping for the perfect outfit for the beach or pool ultra-easy. We’ve got your summer swimwear sorted!

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