Underwire Swimwear for Canadians

Women tend to think that swimwear shopping is easy, you just pick a pair of bikini or a piece and you are sorted. Truth be told, shopping for swimwear takes more effort than shopping for regular clothes, one major consideration that has to be kept in mind is that you need to pick up the kind of swimwear that will suit your body type and complement your body shape without the support of lingerie.

And one crucial way to do so is to pick up a bikini or a swimsuit with in-built underwires and pads. Now some women might be well-endowed and won’t need to go with a padded bikini top or a one piece but all women irrespective of size and shape must pick up swimwear that come with underwires.

Swimsuits have always had the rough edge as they are thought to be the granny of the swimwear world. Well, that thought is fast changing with a revolutionized new range of one piece swimsuits that effortlessly aims to mesh the pros of a swimsuit with the sexiness that women wants from any type of swimwear.

All in all, most high-end swimwear designers have worked hard to make the overlooked swimsuit a mass favorite. And they are doing so with the latest collection of swimsuit that makes head turn with the right style and prints. From animal prints to stripes, swimsuits are now being taken seriously. And if you are guilty of stereotyping the one piece swimsuit as bland and not sexy enough, you must check out the collection on our partner’s website.

It’s great to see one piece and swimsuits making a mark in the swimwear world. But when it comes to comfort and support, nothing can beat a one piece. The fabric comes with figure slimming properties and helps to camouflage the problematic areas like flabby thighs and side breasts while underwires and pads provide the right support and shape.

And speaking of underwires, undewired swimsuits are highly recommended because of the amazing support provided by underwire cups. Not to mention the fact that underwires are a necessity for women with bigger cups as it gives a defined shape and creates the illusion of an hourglass body.

We have had customers rave about some of our partners underwired products, and in fact 90% of our bestsellers feature undrwires. Whether you are looking to stock up on swimsuits and tankinis because you are planning a tropical getaway or you need one to frolic in the water, you have to have the right support. Because let’s face it ladies it is not the size but the shape of the body that makes you look appealing.

Besides underwired swimsuits, another designer recommended swimwear type is the underwired tankini. Tankinis are the latest rage, the comfort and coverage it provides without lowering the glamour quotient of a swimwear is exactly what every woman needs. And even tankinis need to have underwires so that it gives a more proportionate look.

Underwired tankinis are perfect for women on the heavier side. If you are looking for swimwear that complements your body and make you feel comfortable in your skin, a tankini is the perfect option. And underwired tankinis provide the right support and shape, which is essential for a plus sized body. The right support prevent premature sagging and from the health point of view as well, a supportive bra or swimwear will prevent back aches usually caused by the pressure that bigger cups exert on the upper back and shoulder.

Also, underwired tankinis and swimsuits are one of our bestsellers. And it is also one of the most carted items on our partner websites. It is also one of the most reviewed items, so it won’t hurt to browse through to take a look.

Lastly, if you are worried about the cost, then let us assure you that most of our high-end swimwear is priced reasonably. So every woman can look her gorgeous best in the right swimwear. Also, our partner websites put some of the best items on sale for a couple of days. So you should browse through our selections to see if you can grab some discount on the best swimwear options.

And remember all of the Underwire swimwear listed on our website are available to be shipped to Canada.

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