Swimwear to Wear At the Public Swimming Pool

By Kevin Elliott

Different occasions call for different clothes. We know this is true for ordinary clothes, but it applies to swimwear as well. You need to wear the right outfit for the right situation, and sometimes one style doesn’t suit all occasions. Sometimes, some swimwear is downright inappropriate for certain situations.

Let’s take the public swimming pool as one common place that most people wear swimwear to. For some people, it’s the only place they go swimming. What’s appropriate swimwear to wear at the swimming pool?

For a start, it’s easy enough to say what ISN’T appropriate. The public swimming pool isn’t the place for a super-skimpy see-through gauze bikini or sheer swimsuit of any sort, no matter how good a body you’ve got do you really want to be the main feature in the fantasies of every teenage boy in the neighbourhood? If your local public swimming pool has private pools or private saunas, these are appropriate places to wear sheer outfits. In some cases, with particularly sheer outfits, you might be asked to leave, especially when there are small children around and older people who might find your outfit offensive. So leave the sexy sheer gauze outfits at home save them for when you need them!

At the public swimming pool, you can get away with sexy outfits (plunging necklines in a one-piece or skimpy string bikinis), but they need a lot of confidence and a touch of chutzpah to wear in this situation. Most of us would probably prefer something with a lot more coverage – one piece swimsuits, tankinis and the sturdier designs of bikini usually fit the bill. These are appropriate wear for those who go to the swimming pool to play with the children, relax and have fun with friends or even (if your local pool is like the one in my neighbourhood) soak in a hot Jacuzzi.

Many people go to their local swimming pool as a way of getting exercise for weight loss. If this is you, and you swim laps, go aquajogging or attend an aquarobics class, you will need to choose a swimsuit that offers you plenty of support, particularly if you have a larger bust, and is not prone to slipping straps or riding up during vigorous exercise. Halterneck styles are one solution to the problem of slipping, but racerback styles were designed for precisely this purpose. You may also prefer to choose a swimsuit that offers a bit more coverage in the areas where women tend to get a bit plumper and wobblier as they get older: the butt and thighs. Options for extra coverage range from swim skirts, skirtinis, tankini bottoms with boyleg cuts or even cover-up shorts to be worn over your regular swim suit.

Local swimming pools are often the training grounds for those who swim as a competitive sport. Members of a competitive swimming club are best to choose one-piece styles with racerback cuts, preferably in a plain colour. This is one situation where you don’t want to stand out from the crowd: you’re part of a team and your swimsuit is your team uniform. Plain black is always popular (maybe with a touch of detailing here and there or a few “go faster stripes”), but navy blue or even maroon might suit your club’s logo better.

Enjoy your time at the swimming pool looking and feeling great in that new swimsuit. We’re sure that you’ll find something to suit your needs, your body shape and your tastes at our partners sites.

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