Underwire Bikinis for Canadians

Let’s start with bursting a myth here - Underwired bras and swimwear is not just for women who are on the heavier side or apple body shaped women with bigger cups. Underwired swimwear have now become the new normal, and women of every size and body shape must invest in them.

In fact, it is best to get your regular swimwear with underwire since it provides the right support. And not a lot of women understand the importance of the right bust support. You have to have a snug fitting bra or bikini top that provides ample support to prevent premature sagging and improper fit. From the health point of view too a good support ensures that you do no end up with back aches.

It is especially important to get your swimwear with underwire since you do not wear lingerie underneath your bikini or swimsuit. So to get the right shape and support, an underwired bikini top is your best call.

Of course underwired bikinis is a saving grace but there have been a number of complaints with regards to how underwires lead to rashes and even cuts on the skin. This happens when you buy cheap swimwear from just any website. Our partner websites take the comfort feature very strictly and since we have prescreened our partner websites rather stringently, we can assure you that you will get the best quality swimwear. All of their underwired bikinis have been manufactured in a way that the wire is soft and well-covered with durable fabric, so you get the right support without tearing your skin open.

Big girls should swear by underwired bikinis. Even if you are a skirtini kind of a girl who likes to pair her bikini top with a sexy skirt, your top must have underwires. And if you are one of those uber active beach babes who have grown up imagining and executing every move of Baywatch, you know how indispensible a good underwired bikini is.

If you are still not convinced, wear your regular non-wired bra and click a picture and then wear an underwired bra and click a picture. Compare the two and you will definitely notice a difference in the shape and the overall look. Besides giving the right shape- which by the way every big girl desires- the underwired bikini tops will prevent any embarrassing nip slips and bounce when you are frolicking in the water.

These days most swimwear feature underwired cups, even a once piece swimsuit comes with built-in wires. But if you want added features like demi-pads or push up cups, a lot of bikinis on our partner web page boast of these additional featured as well. Depending on your requirements you can pick one and not just an underwired bikini but also an undrwired swimdress or a swimsuit.

Lastly, the most important factor that has been taken into consideration is the style. The underwired bikinis are great when it comes to being form-fitting and comfortable but is it in tune with the latest trends and does it exude sex appeal too? It does indeed!

All the bikinis have been designed to be a perfect blend of fashion and comfort. You can expect to find the latest prints and styles when you browse through the collection. From halter neck to bandeau bikini tops or even a racer back for the girl who wants to give the adventurous vibe. Ranging from sexy to hot to bold to feminine, the eclectic collection will definitely make you wish for summer to last all year.

Just a heads up- their collection gets sold out really fast, so you might want to check it out right away. And don’t worry about the pocket-pinch. All the underwired bikinis on our partner’s pages are priced at really affordable rates since most of our clients are college going young girls. They also put the best piece on discounts and on sale and remember all of the Underwire swimwear we list on our website are available to be shipped to Canada.

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