Swimwear to Show off Your Legs

By Kevin Elliott

What is that one quality that all of us want in our swimwear? Figure-flattering? Yes! Tummy-trimming? Yes! Legs-baring? Oh yes definitely!

No matter which side of the scale you are on, you can always find certain swimwear choices that will help you flaunt those legs. For most of the curvaceous women too, legs are not really that problematic an area as the tummy or arms are. The only part of the leg they are worried about is the thigh.

Shore Club Chino Plus Size Twist Front Tankini, From: swimsuitsforall
And this fear of baring thunder thighs exemplifies if you are pear shaped and have a heavy lower body. But fret not, there are different types of swimwear that will help to both show off those legs and make your body look well proportionate.

If you are an apple shaped, you have a heavier upper body and a slim lower body. God for you, you can easily rock one pieces and tankini tops to look super hot as you trot down the beach.

Look for halter neck swimdress with prints as it would make your upper body look less voluminous and even out the look. The plus side is that you can flaunt your toned legs and create an overall hourglass shape.

To create a well-defined waist, go for a high-waisted swim briefs coupled with fitting top with built in tummy tucker. They have a V-Neck Halter Swimsuit that comes with molded cups and adjustable halter strap. It also has tummy control to smoothen out flab and give a toned look. The empire waist will make your waist appear slimmer and hips more toned. All in all this is a perfect option for you to go leg barring without worrying about your upper body.

They have other options with the same features plus ruched bodice to create visually slimmer torso would work on athletic and apple shaped body both. Their line of Swimwear that shows off your legs instantly makes you feel good about your body.

What about pear shaped body? This is the most dreaded of the body shape considering how it makes your hips and thighs appear heavier. For this body shape, the smart choice would be a swimwear option that has detailing on the bust. This extra detailing would draw the attention away from the lower body and to the upper body balancing out the look for a more proportionate figure. And you can easily go show those legs off.

Even dual-toned swimsuits with a printed top and plain black bottom would have a color-blocking effect, and since black creates a slimmer look it makes your hips and thighs look a lot slimmer. An Animal print V-Neck swimsuit is apt for anyone looking to create a visually leaner lower body.

And remember ladies leg-baring can turn into an eye sore if you don’t wax, buffer, and moisturize them well. Beauty starts from hygiene, always keep that in mind. So why not browse through swimsuitsforall website to see their full selection of Designer Show off Your Legs Swimwear. And remember all swimsuits and merchants shown on their site ships to Canada.