Delta Burke Swimwear, Curves are hot!

By Kevin Elliott

Women who are on the heavier side, have always had difficulties choosing swimwear that accentuates rather than demean their figure. Add to it, the society’s sardonic perception of skin-and-bones being more appealing and also the looking down upon curves.

It was this notion that Delta Burke had vowed to change. The ex Miss Florida who shot to fame for her Emmy nominated role in the 80s TV series Designing Women, had always been publicly mocked and parodied for gaining weight throughout the years.

What most people did not know was that Burke was suffering from Type 2 diabetes that had led to her increase in weight. Like Burke, there are millions of curvaceous women who are individualistically beautiful, but are struggling every day with Body Image Syndrome and various eating disorders just to be accepted in today’s fickle minded society.

Delta Burke swimwear line was basically launched keeping such women in mind. From an empathetic point of view, Delta Burke wanted to provide every curvaceous woman with a swimwear that would make her look smoldering hot.

Sample Swimwear available from Delta Burke

Embodying the very essence of womanhood, Delta Burke swimwear line has an exceptional range of figure-flattering tankinis, swimsuits, and swimdresses that can make any plus sized girl look like the real women who are often romanticized in novels.

The plus sized collection boasts of the right stitch and fit, to avoid bunching of the swimsuit near the hip area. Being a designer herself, Burke has taken every factor into consideration and all her pieces speak of individual attention and detailing.

Considering that some women have a problematic upper body that they would like to camouflage, while others complain of a flabby tummy. There are swimsuits that accentuate your waist, making it look like just the right proportion to the rest of your body, and then there are some that takes the focus away from the problematic areas, while enhancing your strong points.

Most brands do not pay a lot of attention to their plus sized swimwear collection, and that is why there is wither a dearth of the right size or the ones that are available are only made with comfort in mind and not fashion. Aside from being a comfortable fit, Delta Burke swimwear has been designed to suit the current trend and then create a few.

Each of the tankini, swimsuit, and swimdress has a distinct pattern and style, making them the most coveted swimwear line for the upcoming summer season. Another plus of choosing a Delta Burke swimwear is that you get one that has been tailor made suiting your individual requirements.

Although, the line does not have a separate website of its own as of now, we have found a few very reliable and respected swimwear merchants who carry Delta Burke swimwear and have great shipping options to Canada once such me merchant being SwimwearForAll. So, go ahead and browse through the website for the perfect Delta Burke swimwear for yourself.

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